Chapter hopping: Your ticket to living in a new city?

ChopperAre you destined to be a chopper? No, I’m not talking about the motorcycle enthusiasts, or even taking up a new career as a sous-chef. I’m referring to a phenomenon called “Chapter Hopping.”

Chapter hopping is when a young nonprofit professional like you uses the YNPN National network to find opportunities to move to a new city. You might not be aware of this fact, but our Twin Cities chapter is a part of a nationwide network of YNPs who collectively have formed over 40 chapters. Our national office is based out of New York City.

Chapter hoppers, known as “choppers” for short, are a growing trend, and it’s one of the benefits of being a member of the YNPN-Twin Cities. Laura Benson is one such brave chapter hopper who recently joined our network here in the Twin Cities. When asked about her experience, Laura says:

“Up until three months ago, I was a resident of the Washington DC metro area. I was also on the Leadership Team with YNPNdc. Before I even knew about this term “chopper”, and how badass-sounding it is, I knew that YNPN was an easy way to make some connections wherever you may be. I reached out before I even headed west and I’m so glad I did! Three months in, I can tell you that I have felt so welcomed, and have really enjoyed volunteering. “

Have you thought about pulling up stakes and moving to DC, Boston, or Austin, TX? A great first step is to reach out to our sister chapter in those cities and begin a conversation about what the sector is like there, and what the job market is like.

You can find a list of current YNPN chapters at (FYI, not all chapters show up on the map, so be sure to view all the entries.) To connect with what YNPN National has to offer you, they also have a free membership opportunity, which will get you on their monthly enewsletter list.

Becoming a chopper is a wonderful way to build your network fast wherever you go! If you’re thinking of making the “hop” we hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.

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