All about our evolving partnership with YNPN National

As we continue to celebrate the tenth anniversary of YNPN Twin Cities’ founding, we’re also excited to share how our partnership with YNPN National continues to evolve in new ways.

But unless you’re super connected, you may be asking the question, “Wait, there’s a YNPN National?”

Yes! In short, YNPN National is the catalyst connecting each of the 42 local YNPN chapters like ours. 

For many years, YNPN was an all-volunteer organization with a working National Board of Directors that provided support and programming for local chapters. To meet the rapidly growing needs of the expanding chapters, YNPN National hired an executive director in 2011. To date, the National staff has grown to six.

In 2015, we began working with YNPN National in a new way as they began working with several chapters (including Twin Cities) to build an overarching chapter operating system which connects each of the national chapters through a central platform. This helps YNPN National understand the work each chapter is doing and serve as a better resource for them. (It’s also the reason we have a fresh new website!)

Additionally, YNPN National provides each chapter with support and guidance, sharing best practices from individual chapters through conference calls, serving as a voice for young nonprofit professionals on a national level, and allowing for feedback from local chapters to guide National’s work during quarterly “Chapter Congress Calls.”

In short, we’re more connected and aligned with our colleagues across the country than we’ve ever been before, and together we have a much louder and unified voice.

What about all of the local events and programming, blog posts, enewsletters, scholarships and resources? That’s put on solely thanks to the volunteers and board of YNPN Twin Cities. And we can be proud of that work; YNPN-TC is one of the older, larger and more established chapters in the network, and National often engages us and asks us to share our policies, processes and insights with other chapters across the national network.

As we continue to evolve this partnership to new heights, you’ll likely hear from YNPN National occasionally, so we wanted you to understand just how our two organizations align! And as both organizations fundraise throughout the year, we hope you will consider supporting both the work YNPN-TC does here in the Twin Cities and the voice and connections YNPN National provides.

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