A very animated farewell

boardmembers.pngWith the new year comes a changing of the guard at YNPN-TC. While we're very excited to welcome some new faces to the board (more on them soon!), we're sad to bid farewell to four current board members as they head off to their next big adventures.

We're sending them off in style, so we turned to your favorite image type and ours, the animated gif. We asked the four of them to pick one to describe their board experience as a whole, or one particularly memorable piece of it. Here's what they came up with!

farewell1.gifLisa Joyslin:

Joining the YNPN-TC board was a great professional development move - I met tons of new people, gotted plugged into new networks and learned more about the Twin Cities nonprofit community, while also learning oodles from both YNPN members and board colleagues. High-five to me! Though I surely could find a fellow board member to participate in the high-five giving...they're a very supportive bunch.

Alison Griffin:

farewell2.gifI gotta admit, sitting around a conference room table with 16 passionate, bold young people sometimes made me feel a bit befuddled - stupefied by their professionalism, creativity and relentlessness. Ya know, a little but like Maxwell Smart. But fortunately like Max, these forces to be reckoned with doubled as my 99 - there to support me, guide me and possibly save the day. With the brilliance and dedication of my fellow board members, I developed the confidence to take on new projects, lead exciting programming events, and, most importantly, meet great people and experience interesting things in the Twin Cities, my adoptive home. My humble hat off to my fellow board members - it's been an educating ride!

farewll3.gifNick Cross:

I picked the slow mo high five because we have done and are doing a lot of great work here in the Twin Cities. I think it is in slow motion because we try not to get overly excited or to over-hype who we are and the story we are trying to create.

Adaobi Okolue:

farewell5.gifI was fresh blood on the board and decided to join the Membership and Communications Committee. It wasn't much of a stretch—or so I thought—being a communications professional, but it gave me an opportunity to intake my first board experience from a position of familiarity.

And then there was that day. The day where the MemComm chair opted to retire from the board, which left me charged with managing the communications side of MemComm. And with that went my strategy. I ordered an ACME sail kit and fast-tracked through the craziest year of my life. A year filled with the creation of a blog and newsletter, a ridiculously large committee to co-lead, 3 a.m. bedtimes, and my regular job—the one that keeps the lights on.

Many thought I was crazy. I probably was. But I learned some invaluable things about myself through my board experience, which eventually gave me the courage to build my own sail and start out on my own.

And here's how the rest of us on the board feel about all of the big things these four have contributed over the last few years:


Thank you Lisa, Alison, Nick, and Ada!

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