A Fond Farewell to a Fabulous Four

The end of the year can be a bittersweet time for YNPN Twin Cities. We’ve made a whole bunch of exciting plans that we can’t wait to implement in 2015, but as board terms expire, we know that we’ll be doing so minus a few familiar faces that got us where we are.

This December, we bid adieu to four individuals who’ve been devoting their energy, smarts, and enthusiasm to YNPN for three, four, even five years. Here’s a little about how your experience as member of YNPN-TC is better because of them, and some of their best writing that you can keep learning from even now.

Leah Lundquist

YNPN National Conference anyone? Leah was the local mastermind behind this year’s big event, which shined a national spotlight on our community and provided more opportunities for participation from local YNPN members than any conference before it. If you were able to attend, you know it was of the highest caliber, and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Leah has also been one of our best resources for big picture thinking on new ways to do our work, and I’d recommend her insights on design doingmind mapping, and creating leader-full spaces as perfect examples. 

Jamie Millard

Jamie got her start with YNPN as a volunteer designing the very website you’re reading this on, and never looked back. As communications chair, she turbo-charged our social media and pressed hard for us to evaluate and improve our efforts. Then as vice chair and now chair, she was instrumental in us forging partnerships with organizations like MAP for Nonprofits and the Bush Foundation, boosting our capacity greatly. Oh yeah, and she plans every Ugly Sweater Happy Hour.

Jamie’s a major advocate for young people pushing boundaries, challenging sacred cows and advocating for themselves. Read her blog posts on breaking the salary silencebuilding a personal website, and networking as an introvert for some inspiration. 

Katie Tharp

Katie is one of the most talented program planners you’ll ever know. She was a key part of the initial design teams for YNPN-TC offerings like our Scattershot Cafes and Leadership Institute, which have become key signature offerings we know we’ll keep doing. And if you noticed an event running smoothly this year, odds are her calm and capable management as chair of our programming committee had something to do with it.

Take in some Katie’s practical wisdom through her posts on planning eventsmanaging committees, and (of course) what you can learn about nonprofits from the X-Men.

Lauren Van Schepen

Lauren came to YNPN-TC as a volunteer on our membership committee, where she helped us tackle questions like what exactly it means to be a YNPN-TC member, and what we mean when we talk about diversity. Later she joined our governance committee and led the charge in our recruitment of several years of board members. Lately she’s been building our connections with other YNPN chapters in the Midwest, keeping our national momentum going following June’s conference.

Some of Lauren’s best writing has been as the voice of many a young nonprofit professional on the path to find meaning in their work. Check out her posts on finding meaning in the not-so-glamorous and getting better at the in-between and see if they speak to you.

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