5 blogs for nonprofit leaders (without "nonprofit" in the title)

main2.jpgIf you are like me, you love to find that perfect article to get your day started. And maybe another one during your morning coffee… and then perhaps another one during lunch. A great article can give you that boost to deal with that question about your career path, the tough situation at work, or even just to get through the day. The best thing though is to find a blog that consistently motivates you AND gives you awesome information that can help you rock in your role as a nonprofit leader! 

I've decided to share with you my top five nonprofit & social impact blogs. They jump across a variety of issues, from HR, to strategic planning, to board leadership. Some are written by big organizations and some by a handful dedicated contributors. Oh, and none have "nonprofit" in their name—can't make it too easy!

In no particular order:

1. Blue Avocado

A blog from American Nonprofits, a membership organization that supports community-based nonprofits. It isn't updated super often, but the past articles are great. There is a recurring column called "Ask Rita in HR," it provides a great look at HR issues with a specific nonprofit context.

2. Clyde Fitch Report

As a former Politics and Theater major in college, I have a weak spot for discussing the overlap between the two. This blog has dedicated sections for Stage, Screen, Politics, and Nonprofits. With articles like "Why Nonprofits Must Embrace, Not Fear, Remote Work," this blog tackles current issues through an arts lens.

3. Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)

SSIR provides research and practice-based blogs from social change leaders in nonprofits, government, and business. Topics range from impact investing to business models and long-term strategic planning. I urge you to look at articles outside of your own field—you never know what great ideas can be found and applied to your own work!

4. Harvard Business Review (HBR)

But this is a business blog, there aren't any articles about nonprofits here! True, but I really love the research-based articles on HBR, particularly around issues like entrepreneurship, organizational culture, and work-life balance. It even has subsections of "Productivity" and "Managing Yourself,” very helpful for just about anyone.

5. Pollen

If you aren't familiar with Pollen, you should be! They are a local organization dedicated to "helping people break down barriers to build better connected communities." They run an amazing blog, and have a great job board as well. Every time I check out the stories on Pollen's blog I find myself walking away feeling re-engaged and empowered. I am consistently blown away by the incredible change makers we have in this community!

Bonus Blog! - Nonprofit with Balls

Here's an extra blog that breaks the rule about "nonprofit" in the title, but is totally worth the read. Great, humorous articles all written by Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainer Valley Corps. New posts are usually up on Mondays!

What did you think? Any great blogs I missed? Respond in the comments below!

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