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main.jpgHello friends of YNPN-TC! It seems like every time we turn around there are new and exciting things happening with our organization. Over the past year YNPN-TC board members and volunteers have been involved in a series of meetings regarding our fiscal sustainability as an organization. Part of this process has involved an in-depth, thoughtful look at our legal and tax status and what changes, if any, we should make.

The news I have to share today is that we are making a change - our Board of Directors has voted to pursue 501c3 status. This isn’t a very controversial decision, and many YNPN-TC members might think we are already a 501c3. It is however a very awesome and exciting development when it comes to thinking about what type of organization YNPN-TC is, the work we want to do in the future, and most importantly how we want to continue to serve the talented young professionals of the nonprofit sector in our community. Special recognition must go out to board members Carl Atiya Swanson and Lindsay Bacher for their leadership during this process as well as the countless additional volunteers, members, and friends of YNPN-TC who provided us with their time, opinions, and expertise.

This decision and process will move us away from fiscal sponsorship, create an independent structure for ourselves, and shift and change some responsibilities within our board and volunteer network. None of this is particularly a huge change. We're still a scrappy, open, ambitious, passionate, volunteer-run organization powered by big ideas and a sandbox to play and make things happen. This process will take time, and if we do this right, it doesn't change the way that you, our membership, come to YNPN-TC for networking, professional development, and new opportunities.

What will it do then? It will task us with taking a hard look at our current capacity and activities and identifying the real costs associated with running YNPN-TC. We see this opening up new doors for seeking partnerships that will bring us ever closer to our mission - to provide and promote opportunities for the development of young professionals. Lastly, our chapter is part of a national network and this move will help us align better with other chapters as well as the national office.

Interested in learning more about this discussion and sharing your thoughts? We hope you do! YNPN-TC will be holding an event in the fall which will focus on this decision and the long term fiscal sustainability and priorities of our organization.

Ultimately we see this step as one that will allow us to do more and be more for our membership in the coming years. Our vision is one that young professionals can connect through purpose, challenge to change, and lead together. You, our members, are thought leaders and sector shapers, and in partnership we can continue to create community and support our peers. I can speak for the whole board when I say we’re looking forward to embarking on this journey with you in the coming months.

Please feel free to contact YNPN-TC ([email protected]) if you are interested in getting involved in this process or want to share your thoughts with us directly.

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