2012: A YNPN-TC year in review

Last year, for the YNPN Twin Cities year in review, I shared some pretty awesome statistics to demonstrate YNPN’s accomplishments. I know I could share equally impressive stats for this year, but instead I want to share the qualitative year in review.

Of the many qualities and experiences that come to mind when I think about YNPN in 2012 - excitement, laughter, celebration, challenge, reward, and innovation – the following qualities capture the spirit most for me.

Team. Not to be cheesy, but there really is no “I” in Team. Without the collective efforts of many, our network, meaningful connections, skill building, and job leads would not be possible. Our team is volunteers who consistently go above and beyond the call of committee to make events, communications, and governance seamless; board members who commit, ideate, and deliver consistently high-quality product; and crazy talented, smart members who share what they know!

Leadership. At YNPN Twin Cities, we are all about facilitating leadership. In the last year, I have learned that leadership is stepping up without all of the answers, having tough conversations that are good and important, and building trust in the people around you to move through the hard things. Leadership is also sharing, raising your hand, and stepping back at times.

Courage and Vulnerability. These two go together. The essence of being courageous is taking a chance to attain something you are striving for, often putting yourself in a vulnerable position with likelihood of failure. (Psst...check out Brene Brown's TED Talk). Courage and vulnerability is getting on stage before 100s of people at an event with the word Hell in the title to talk about weakness. Courage and vulnerability is veering away from best practices to follow a hunch, stay true to a vision without assurances of success.

Gratitude. Most of all, this year has been about gratitude. Gratitude for you, our network, the good, hard, meaningful work we have the privilege to do as young nonprofit professionals – and that we get to do it together; I'm deeply grateful for that.

Thank you for making YNPN Twin Cities as vibrant, raucous, connective, and fun as it was in 2012. Now, let's go after 2013!

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