10 gifs about why you love YNPN Twin Cities

YNPN Twin Cities turns ten this year, and it’s no secret that we love GIFS. We probably love GIFS a little too much, but that’s a discussion for another time. To celebrate ten years of providing and promoting professional development opportunities for young nonprofit professionals, here’s ten GIFS about why you love YNPN Twin Cities.

1. You got to meet some incredible executive directors through our Leadership Breakfast series.

2. Scholarships and discounts for professional development opportunities like MCN’s Leadership Conference and MAP’s Emotional Intelligence workshops? Yes, please.

3. Your professional headshot is from a YNPN Twin Cities event.

4. You met and networked with some amazing people from other YNPN chapters when we hosted the National Conference in 2014.

5. Five Minutes in Hell. Enough said.

6. You broke the salary silence, learned about negotiation and nailed it when you negotiated for your last raise.

7. Volunteering on a YNPN Twin Cities committee or the board helped you develop awesome skills that you use in your day job. P.S. Board applications are open, so apply now!

8. The YNPN Twin Cities blog is your weekly must-read.

9. When you go to an event or conference, there’s at least five people you know from YNPN stuff.

10. You’ve made some incredible friends and peers who are going to be running the nonprofit world very soon.

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