EPIP-YNPN Leadership Institute Info Session

Tuesday, April 21
Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
RSVP soon, capacity is 25

EPIP-YNPN Leadership Cohort 2015

Application deadline: April 30th

Sustainable Investing

Friday, May 15
12:00 - 1:00pm
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, St. Paul



* Notes from Creating Leader-full Spaces presentation at 2012 Nonprofit Leadership Conference.

* Facilitation resources on topics such as Open Space Technology and World Cafe, and groups such as the Public Conversations Project and the international Art of Hosting network.






We provide and promote opportunities for the development of young nonprofit professionals.

We envision a world where young nonprofit professionals:

• connect through purpose
• challenge to change
• lead together

Our values:

● We strive for respect and inclusiveness
● We seek opportunities to collaborate
● We respond to the evolving needs of our community


Time Keepers

It’s crazy that the idea of “work-life balance” even needs to be discussed. In a perfect world, a beautiful equilibrium across all facets of our lives would be so implicit that a phrase to describe it wouldn’t even exist. But we live in an imperfect world, and working in the nonprofit or philanthropic sectors means spending a great deal of time trying to keep bigger parts of the world in balance, often foregoing relative harmony in one’s own life.

In the past, I have struggled with a pendulum of all work or all play, a slightly destructive cycle that switches directions in full force whenever I’m overcome with exhaustion—a rhythm only recently broken by the birth of my son, and now all time outside of regular work hours are devoted to him. However, knowing my own penchant for the imbalance of work/life I was thrilled to learn that the first peer-led YNPN-EPIP Leadership Institute session would be about balance. Not only would I walk away with a toolkit for working toward balance, but I would also learn that I am not alone in my struggle to keep all parts of my life aloft.

The session was split into two parts: Considering and discussing our current schedules with our mini-cohorts in terms of actual versus ideal, followed by looking at the different common areas of our lives—mental health, physical health, hobbies/interests, professional, volunteer/service, and family/friends—and sharing strategies for keeping those in balance with the entire group.

Truthfully, I had never sat down to take a hard look at the schedule I had been keeping prior to my son being born. All I knew was that I had a ton to do and I was going to get it all done no matter what (until, of course, I got exhausted and then I was going to do nothing, until, of course, I got bored and was going to do EVERYTHING, and so forth). Being able to map out and visually see how much time I spent working was a very valuable exercise. When I began building my ideal schedule, I gave myself the time to do nothing on the same day that I gave myself time to do the work I am passionate about, offering each day of the week a little balance—whether or not this schedule is realistic with only 24 hours in the day is anyone’s guess.

Later in the evening, I was able to gain some surprising takeaways for keeping equilibrium that I look forward to testing out. Here are my top four favorite strategies from the session (including the best piece of advice ever):


Schedule time to unplug from the internet.
This can support crossover balance between mental health and family/friend time. Unplugging from the internet (including your phone) can set boundaries and help you avoid working outside of work hours or getting sucked into a net-hole that can distract from friends and family. While it might seem a little silly to set an alarm to put your phone or computer down for even just an hour, if that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes.
Have walking meetings—”walkie talkies.”
Work requires so much sitting! At work, in meetings, during business lunches, home catching up on emails. Even if you have a standing desk, it’s important to get your body moving sometimes. Why not double up where you can and suggest a walking meeting? Some fresh air might and exercise might even lead to a breakthrough!
Build true relationships in the workplace
Having open communication with coworkers on a real level can help you achieve balance by making work a place where you’ve got friends who share at least one of your passions. You don’t need to dive all-in and make everyone in your office a BFF, just start by setting aside time (e.g. lunch) with coworkers to make a personal connections. Bonus: When your coworkers understand that you’re a real person (and vice versa) it can be easier to have conversations about expectations and limits.
It’s ok to say ‘No’ (and you can also try ‘No, but I know someone else who would be great for this’).
Seriously. Don’t forget this. Don’t overexert yourself, and maybe spread some of that experience around.


Although my life is necessarily out of balance right now, once things settle down I look forward to starting fresh with the suggestions provided by the cohort. Can I keep my life in check once I’m free to set my own schedule again? I’m not sure, but I’m excited to accept the challenge.

Courtney Algeo is the brand communications specialist at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts where she helps tell compelling stories about art, communities, and the dire need for practitioners of creative wonder.


Member Meet-ups -- They’re Like DIY YNPN-TC!

At YNPN-TC, we try to do lots of different kinds of programming, because we know that you, our members, are a diverse group of young professionals. Fortunately for us, we have a not-so-secret weapon to help us create great, diverse and fun events -- Member Meet-ups!

Member Meet-ups are events that are put together by members like you for other members. You start with something you want to do -- like have coffee with other fundraising professionals, or something less formal, like trivia night at Bar Abilene. You fill out the form on our website, and then once you’re approved, we’ll promote your program on the website, enews, and social media.

We think that fun social events that are purely networking, to more formal affairs like hosting a book club or doing a practice run for a professional presentation are all great ways to do your own meetup! Bottom line, you get to share something you’re excited about, and help a group of fellow members get to know one another.

Would you like to learn more? Read about it on the website, and come to one of the upcoming meetups!


Mission Statement Mixer

According to Fast Company, a full 70% of Americans feel disconnected and unfulfilled at work - and often the cause is a lack of direction and intention. Identifying your own personal mission statement could be the first step in uncovering your purpose and leading a more exhilarating life.

Sign up for our Mission Statement Mixer at Fulton Brewery on July 16th, from 5:30 to 8:30pm, to get started! Reflect, brainstorm, meet new people, and help others hone in on their personal mission statement while you discover your own mission – should you choose to accept it.

Click here to sign up!


Lunchtime Learning: Emerging Leaders Network

Get away on a Friday afternoon for some bite-sized professional development over the lunch hour! YNPN-TC partners with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to bring you free monthly lunchtime discussions on third Fridays. These are informal gatherings on a variety of topics, such as networking, management, and diversity, to name a few. Check www.ynpntwincities.org/calendar for the next topic, or view the complete list on MCN's website.

Bring a coworker, your lunch, and some business cards! No RSVP necessary.

Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) lunches
Monthly on third Fridays, 12:00-1:00pm
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits office, 2314 University Ave. W., Suite 20, St. Paul

July Emerging Leaders Network: Fundraising 305
July 18, 12:00-1:00pm
Details here


The Scoop: What's New and Going On with Our Members!

July is shaping up to be an awesome and busy month for our Twin Cities members! Here are some of the highlights that we can't wait to share with everyone:

Christina Perfetti is now Movement for Violence Prevention Assistant at Tubman Center.

Richard Matson-Daley is now IT Service Liaison at the University of Minnesota.

Kristy Gloe is now the School Linked Mental Health Professional at St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

Keely Schallock Hendrickson is now Project Manager/Grant Writer at J. Murphy & Associates.

Elise Probasco is the Community Outreach Representative at Animal Humane Society.

Lan Freitag is Leadership Giving Officer at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Brian Kao is now the Operations Manager for Prepare + Prosper, which was formerly known as AccountAbility Minnesota.

Jess Jesswein and Leah Lundquist co-lead the coordination of the YNPN National Conference - and it was awesome!

Katie Tharp, Leah Lundquist, and Cary Walski led workshops at the YNPN National Conference

Have you recently been promoted? Joined a board or organization? Given a speech or led an event? Gotten an award or other recognition for your hard work and awesome-ness? Know someone who has and might be too shy to shout it out themselves? If you have some good news you'd like to share with the rest of the YNPN Twin Cities folks, send an email to bridge@ynpntwincities.org so we can include it in next month's Bridge!

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