YNPN-TC Karaoke Member Meet-Up
Wednesday April 23
The Hole Sports Lounge (2501 University Ave SE, Mpls)

We'd Be MIA Without You
Thursday, April 24th
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 3rd Ave S., Mpls
Enjoy a scavenger hunt in the museum and learn about volunteering with YNPN-TC!

Save the Date: YNPN National Conference
June 26, 27, & 28
Minneapolis/St. Paul
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* Notes from Creating Leader-full Spaces presentation at 2012 Nonprofit Leadership Conference.

* Facilitation resources on topics such as Open Space Technology and World Cafe, and groups such as the Public Conversations Project and the international Art of Hosting network.






We provide and promote opportunities for the development of young nonprofit professionals.

We envision a world where young nonprofit professionals:

• connect through purpose
• challenge to change
• lead together

Our values:

โ— We strive for respect and inclusiveness
โ— We seek opportunities to collaborate
โ— We respond to the evolving needs of our community


Sharing My Half-Baked Ideas with YNPN-TC: My Experience with 'Five Minutes in Hell'

by Naaima Khan
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Are you planning to attend Five Minutes in Hell on October 23rd at Honey? 2012 presenter, Naaima Khan, reflects on why she was thrilled to be a part of last year's event, and the rewards that came from sharing her inner musings with her nonprofit peers.

“If only nonprofit managers and staff understood how to inculcate and implement a culture of diversity and inclusion, there wouldn’t be so much conundrum and lack of action around the issue…”  There again ran my crazy, rambling thoughts as I walked from the conference venue back to my car. If only there was a call to action that would jolt nonprofits out of setting up fancy conferences to talk about diversity into action on embracing it, wouldn’t it be so nice? Such inner-promptings gave rise to many inner-monologues, which, again, gave rise to more inner-musings.

So I was bound to break out my inner musings when I heard that I would have a captive audience of the brightest young nonprofit professionals all focused on me - and all for free! That’s why I was stoked when I found out about YNPN’s Five Minutes in Hell event. It provided the perfect, low-risk opportunity for me to practice bouncing my crazy, half-baked inner rants off of some of the most cutting-edge minds in nonprofit network and see how they would fly.

Now I have to admit that I had to challenge myself to put all of my pertinent thoughts together in a cohesive, five minute presentation, but coming from a policy debate (read nerdy) background - this appealed to me tremendously! All the intensity, passion, and quintessential air of self-absorbed importance that unleashes in a debate rounds that only other seasoned debaters (read fellow nerds) could understand - all came back in a rush of nostalgia. Could performing at this event live in front of my professional, real-world peers be as thrilling as a high school debate round??

No...But I found it more thrilling in new and, dare I say, more exciting ways! After the night was over, I had learned and discovered much from my fellow performers, who delivered off-the-wall presentations on topics ranging from conflict management to stuffed baboons. I also learned about my own style of presentation, what works in messaging my ideas, and how to most effectively get my point across in a succinct way - all skills that are practical and great to build upon as you further your professional journey.

Most importantly (and much to my sheer bewilderment), I got positive feedback from a few audience members after I performed. That’s right - a few of my very own professional peers came to me after the event and connected about experiences that they had where the issue of diversity touched their lives. And this, to me, was the most valuable outcome of the whole night - to know that I connected with people and shaped how they thought about the topic of diversity. That is a truly priceless experience.


Go Behind the Scenes with YNPN-TC on Instagram

by Katie O'Shaughnessy

You might already like YNPN-TC on Facebook, perhaps you follow on Twitter, or maybe you're connected to us by being a group member on LinkedIn. But do you follow us on Instagram? Instagram is one of YNPN-TC's newest social media ventures, and we want you to be a part of it. 

All you have to do is follow these few simple steps to join in on the Instagram fun:

1) Log into Instagram on your smartphone (or create an account if you don't have one).

2) Find @ynpntc.

3) Click Follow & scope out the pictures we post! 

Want to take it a step further? Post your own YNPN-TC event or meeting pictures on Instagram, tag @ynpntc on it and we will repost it. Is that just not enough? Invite your friends to follow us! Seeing YNPN-TC events and meetings in action might be just what your fellow young nonprofit professional will need to take the plunge and join YNPN-TC.

Here's a quick recap: follow us on Instagram (@ynpntc) and post your YNPN-TC pictures with us tagged. And if you have not already done it, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the YNPN-TC group on LinkedIn.


How'd You Like to Be A Member...with Benefits?

by Cary Walski
Follow me on Twitter: @cwalski

I remember the night well. It was last October, and the evening of the very first Five Minutes in Hell program. I was talking to a potential member who had arrived early.

“So,” I asked her, “Have you signed up to be a member yet? It’s free.”

“No, what kind of benefits do you get?” she responded.

“Well...,” I began lamely, “Um...I guess technically you can get all of the benefits of YNPN-TC without signing up, but there’s always the warm fuzzies of knowing you’re a member!”

I attempted a rakish grin, thrusting a thumbs-up in the air. She smiled back wanly, clearly unconvinced.

“I’ll think about it,” she said.  

For me, YNPN-TC membership has always been a no-brainer, which is why conversations like this one have always been a source of frustration for me. But for all of you who have been on the fence about it, non-membership in the coming months is about to become truly unthinkable. Laughably unthinkable.

In addition to low-cost admission to events like October’s showing of the Guthrie’s Tribes (with a free drink and cast party to boot), being a member, which will still be free by the way, will soon offer you a whole host of other delightful benefits including the ability to:

  • Get discounts and the chance to win free admission to professional development programs with local capacity building organizations like MAP for Nonprofits
  • Attend future arts and entertainment events like those at the Guthrie
  • Receive exclusive access to the Network Navigators Program
  • Host your own Member Meet-up with your peers, and connect in new, fun ways

And of course, this is all on top of the wonderful programming, blog entries, and email updates like the Bridge that you’re already enjoying. So what do you say? Isn’t it time you put a ring on it? It’s still free, folks. And the benefits are about to get even better.

PS - Do you have ideas about benefits we should be offering? Leave a comment below or tweet me up @cwalski.


The Scoop: September's news from our members



Briana Gruenewald is now the Communications Marketing Coordinator at ThreeSixty Journalism. Previously, she served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with ThreeSixty Journalism. 

Kathryn Tjaden just assumed a new position as Associate Development Officer at University of Minnesota Foundation.

Anthony Parrish joined Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis as a Development Specialist.

Jessica Zimmerman is now Principal Office and Administrative Assistant at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Lindsay Marcil was hired at Scholarship America as their Program Communications Manager.  

YNPN members will be attending TRIBES at the Guthrie on October 8th

Email October updates to bridge@ynpntwincities.org.


Seeking Volunteers for the 2014 YNPN National Conference

follow me on Twitter: @dirtysoychai

As hosts of the 2014 YNPN National Conference, YNPN Twin Cities has a lot to do. And we're already getting started. But we need you. We need our members to step up and help guarantee next year's conference is the best yet (we've got a reputation to uphold, folks!). While the conference isn't until June 2014, we're beginning monthly meetings to ensure we stick to our planning timeline, bring great leaders and partners into the fold, and plan the most engaging, inspiring sessions and development opportunities possible.
That's where you come in. Are you looking for a time-limited volunteer opportunity? Want to get some planning and organizing experience? Have ideas on how to make sure conferences are worthwhile? Got a particular skill that you could lend to our planning efforts? Then think about signing on to our Conference Planning Team and complete this quick sign up form by Oct 1st. We'll then be in touch with you about next steps depending on your interest level!
And for the rest of you, save the dates of June 26-28, 2014* for the best conference you'll ever attend!
Alison Griffin & Leah Lundquist, 2014 YNPN National Conference Co-Chairs
*June 26 Professional Development Day in conjunction with the MCN/HHH Nonprofit Leadership Conference - open to all members of YNPN locally and across the country
*June 27-28 Chapter Development Days primarily designed for YNPN board members and engaged volunteers locally and across the country, but open to all YNPN members interested in nerding out about building effective chapters and a national movement for a strong nonprofit sector.