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Dear Giacomo: Office Romance

Nonprofit master Giacomo Crostini is here to answer all your burning questions about life in the nonprofit sector. Email him at for advice and guidance.

giacomo.jpgDear Giacomo,

I’ve got a crush on a major hottie at work - yowza! I love his passion for our cause and the flirting has gone up a few notches the last few weeks. I’m thinking about making my move. Any advice on how to navigate workplace dating?

Single And Saucy and Super Yolo

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Managing work relationships: Why you should accept your boss’ friend request?

The following blog is by Dania Miwa

main.jpgFor many of us, social media can seem like a great space to vent and be totally candid about our everyday dealings. That’s why for me it’s always a struggle to give advice on when (and how) to set boundaries. How do you manage your public soapbox when the chair of your board is also a Facebook friend? Can you be yourself if your boss follows you on Twitter? Really, it all depends on your comfort level, work culture, and capacity at your organization. Nevertheless, I am of the firm belief that you can be friends with professional colleagues on your social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)—as long as you set boundaries.

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