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Exploring the Twin Cities on a Budget

This blog is by Hannah Toedter.

Being a transplant from “way up north,” I have discovered how important it is to get to know the city in which you live in order to feel at home and connected. It is important for us as humans to take a moment out of our busy schedules to relax and take in the city in all its beauty. 

So, here you will find a list of five ways you can explore the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area, while not hurting your wallet:

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Your Tax Day Survival Guide

The collective American deadline called "Tax Day" is Wednesday, April 15th. This time of year is what people in the business like to call a natural “money moment.” Thanks to Uncle Sam, we’re all wading through our personal financial information from the past year, so why not spend a few minutes taking stock? Here are some things to consider during the next break in your Netflix marathon. (Or Prime, for those of us who just might be addicted to Downton Abbey.)

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Mind the gap: Wage inequity and you

main.jpgToday is Equal Pay Day - what does that mean? Each year, that day marks the amount of time women have to work into the current year to match the earnings of their male counterparts in the previous year. (Women and men of color experience on average an even greater pay inequity and have to work further into the year to make up the difference.)

In Minnesota, we tend to pride ourselves as state that fosters strong, healthy communities and looks out for our most vulnerable residents. Although we do stand ahead of many states in community health and well-being in some measures, we still face challenges prevalent across the country and world, including a gender wage gap. Women make a fraction of the wages of their male counterparts, even with identical training and experience.

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The Retirement Game: Breaking Down Barriers for Our Future

Kids playing gameAmanda and I made the salary pact. After several vague conversations that implied our situations may be similar, we decided tiptoeing around the compensation taboo was not helping either of us.

So we promised to have these conversations, together, in an honest and open environment. To talk numbers, to ask questions, to figure out what we didn’t know and how to fix it. 

We married tough conversations and fun in the comfort of Amanda’s home. This alleviated the discomfort of sharing private information in a public place. We discussed salaries and benefits, but we quickly found our roadblock: Retirement. 

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Lifehacker: Twin Cities style

by Amanda Bingham
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When I told some peers about the latest monthly Emerging Leaders Networking lunch, “Twin Cities Lifehacker,” I got a lot of blank stares. What is “Lifehacker?”  Lifehacker is an amazing blog that features lifehacks and software. Lifehacks are tips and tricks that just make your life a little easier, usually with plenty of time and money savings. 

The conversation was opened up for local young nonprofit professionals to share their secret “lifehacks” and good deals that one can find around town. While the conversation was open to lifehacks for play and lifehacks for work, most of the suggestions--not surprisingly--fell under “play.” 

Here are some highlights that came out of the Lifehacker ELN.

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Financial Sanity for the Young Nonprofit Professional

Ever felt like one of the people pictured above? Well, you’re in good company. In 2010, Thrivent Financial and Kiplinger asked folks how they felt about their financial situation. More than 30% said they were “struggling” and another 24% said they were “worried.”  Check out more survey findings and take the survey to see how you compare. The point is, many of us don’t feel very good about our money.

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Are you nearing your personal fiscal cliff?

main.jpgIf you’re like me, you probably squirmed uncomfortably through this whole “fiscal cliff” nonsense. While the president and Congress have finally come up with a few compromises that get us away from the cliff (nothing like kicking the can down the road!), the long delay and use of “head-in-the-sand, if-we-ignore-it-maybe-it-will-go-away” tactics might have been an uncomfortable reminder that you’re tipping near the edge of your own fiscal cliff.

Now that it’s 2013, it’s a great time to get your financial house in order. Here are some tips to help you back away from the precipice:

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