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Chapter hopping: Your ticket to living in a new city?

ChopperAre you destined to be a chopper? No, I’m not talking about the motorcycle enthusiasts, or even taking up a new career as a sous-chef. I’m referring to a phenomenon called “Chapter Hopping.”

Chapter hopping is when a young nonprofit professional like you uses the YNPN National network to find opportunities to move to a new city. You might not be aware of this fact, but our Twin Cities chapter is a part of a nationwide network of YNPs who collectively have formed over 40 chapters. Our national office is based out of New York City.

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Moving On

Loading a Moving Van“HelloGoodbyeHelloGoodbye… I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.”
-The Beatles, Hello, Goodbye

These lyrics come from what feels like my theme song of late: Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles. Since graduating college in 2007, my now husband and I have moved four times, never staying anywhere longer than three years. Perhaps we’re not so different from you or many others in our generation, who chase job opportunities wherever they lead.

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