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Life Moves

The following blog is by Kristen Wolfe.

Recently I connected with a friend who had just returned from the east coast. As we broke into small talk and chatted about our lives, the all too familiar question popped up: “How are you liking your new job?”

From the way social media portrayed it, I assumed her job was nothing less than amazing and drool-worthy (those Instagram and Vine posts had to be true!). Her response quickly deflated the fantasy bubble floating above my head. “It’s okay. It’s just a job”, she said. She went on to say what a difference working in Minnesota was compared to back east. It wasn’t necessarily the job itself but the culture was less than pleasing.

As an Illinois/Chicago native and somewhat recent transplant, I could relate. When the words “passive aggressive” spilled out of her mouth, I winced and patted her arm--letting her know how much I felt her pain.

As we continued talking about work, I asked her what she was going to do next and she responded with: “I’m actually thinking about my next life move.”

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Extreme resume-building: Looking beyond the one-pager

main.jpgThe following blog is by Jenna Hartwig Wade.

This month’s Emerging Leaders Network peer resume review got me thinking…just what are resumes supposed to look like these days? You should know this first: the last time I applied for a job, applicants were still expected to mail resumes (Yeah, you heard me. Through the Post Office.) on fancy resume paper. There wasn’t a lot of room for creativity.

I have a hunch that the rules may have changed in the last six years. Additionally, with the rise of social media and the decline of more rigid communications styles, the rules seem even murkier. Of course, there’s still a lot of debate, and you should tailor your resume to your experience and the job you’re applying for. But here are some trends to keep in mind and creative ideas to try.

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Reflect and Repeat: Describing Your Internship

main.jpgAs an intern, I’ve researched seemingly obscure topics, tweeted, blogged and “Facebook-ed,” and taken on other mundane tasks that few people dream about. Most young professionals in the nonprofit world have all had our share of internships. And it has been worth it, right?

Yes, definitely! But just as important as the experience is finding a good way to describe an internship or temporary work experience, aiding in your transition from part-time installment to full time employment.

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Breaking the Salary Silence

main.jpgThere is something taboo and mysterious about salaries. When I decided to do a salary survey of young nonprofit professionals, it was my hope to start breaking down walls of discomfort around talking about our salaries. I expected 10-20 responses and ended up getting over 100. If that’s not a sign that we’re ready to start talking about salaries, I don’t know what is.

It’s obvious from my survey, which is not scientific by any means, that there is a collective sense of feeling undervalued and underpaid throughout the sector—strongest in those with less than five years experience.

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Step outside your comfort zone and up to the challenge

by Amanda Bingham
follow me on Twitter: @amanda_l_b 

Writing this blog post has been hard for me. For the past two days, I’ve been asking myself “What do I have to offer the nonprofit community?” (I’ve also been asking myself “Why did I wait until two days before the deadline to start the post?”) I don’t even work for a nonprofit—I work for a company that works with nonprofits. So here I am, young in my non-nonprofit career and trying to write a blog post for other nonprofit professionals…talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. (Cue my blog topic a-ha moment.)

One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, I will work for a nonprofit. Being a force for positive change in the world has been my dream for as long as I can remember. To start meeting other nonprofit pros and learn about Minnesota nonprofits, I joined YNPN-TC. I increased my commitment by becoming a YNPN-TC volunteer. When given the opportunity to lend a hand at events or lend my words to the blog, I signed up for that too. Putting myself out there as a voice for the nonprofit community, while still trying to find my place in it, has all been a little terrifying.

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Reality check: Volunteering your way to a job

Will Volunteer for WorkIf you’re a job seeker, chances are you’ve heard this piece of advice: “You should volunteer! It’s a great way to get a job!”

Help the world while also helping yourself get your next paying gig? It sounds pretty great to a do-gooding nonprofit professional. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as many advice-givers make it out to be. Yes, volunteering can help lead you to employment opportunities, but it’s often a long and indirect process. The chances of finding a job through the sheer act of volunteering are slim.

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Get Your Resume in the "Good" Pile: Notes from a Hiring Manager

by Virginia Brown
follow me on Twitter: @3manypuppies

When you’re job hunting, everyone from your parents to your neighbor from five years ago that you ran into in the grocery store wants to give you advice about resumes, cover letters, interviewing and the like. And if you’re job hunting—take that advice. Seriously.

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Give your personal brand some moxie | Creative, doable personal business cards

You’ve heard it a million times. Get personal business cards.

You probably know you should have personal business cards (and many of you probably do), but have you ever thought about the value of having creative, memorable, impressive cards? Think of business cards not only as practical little networking tools, but also as an opportunity to leave someone a unique trinket that says “remember me!” You don’t have to be a graphic designer, illustrator, or “artist type” to create or deserve beautiful business cards. So treat your personal branding to a little surprise and revamp those bits of paper!

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Corporate to Changemaker: 7 Lessons for Sector Switchers

main.jpgI did it. I made one of the most elusive career moves out there: I switched from private to nonprofit sector.

Before I talk about my nonprofit journey, let’s go back a few years: spring semester freshmen year at college. I was a student at the University of Wisconsin and the newest recruit of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Fraternity. TKE exposed me to the world of volunteering, which served as the backbone for my interest in the nonprofit sector.

After the shower of grad caps, I randomly landed in the telecommunications industry for more than four years–where I often found myself daydreaming about a career in the nonprofit sector. I asked for advice from mentors, friends and co-workers. Some believed I should volunteer while I worked my corporate job. Others told me to follow my dreams. In December 2008, I lost my telecom job and came face-to-face with the very question I was pondering: continue to work in telecommunications or embark on a fulfilling career in the nonprofit sector? 

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Hi. How Can I Help You?

By Virginia Brown
Follow me on Twitter: @3manypuppies

We’ve all read articles about networking, and we know we’re supposed to do it to find that perfect professional opportunity. But something is missing from the conversation: What exactly should be happening at these network coffees and lunches? And how do you really make the most of that time?

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