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In Social Media, Forget the Flash and Do the Work

main.jpgThe following blog is by Jenna Wade.

Think you need a Justin Bieber or an Ashton Kutcher to get things done through social media? Not so, according to "The Effectiveness of Celebrity Spokespeople in Social Fundraisers," a new report from PayPal and Zoetica highlighted in this month's The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a print and online news source about the nonprofit world. The report shows that big-name celebrities are much less effective in raising money through social media than other kinds of spokespeople, such as  influential bloggers, passionate followers, and regular people.

It's an easy trap to fall into. "If only we could get Mr. X or Ms. Z to help us raise money or promote us on Twitter, then we'd really raise bank/get in the news/become Twitter rock stars." Okay, sure, you might get a couple of donations or a couple of new fans or followers. But it's not a silver bullet/quick fix/game winner. (Try to break that news to your executive director gently.) It's easy to understand this kind of wishful thinking— celebrity advertising sure does seem to sell a lot of [insert consumer product here.]

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