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The Maybe Best, Maybe Worst Time I Quit My Job

I’ve quit a few jobs post-college. The first time was terrifying—I returned to the Twin Cities with no job lined up, just with the money I’d saved working as a motel clerk in my tiny hometown. The next one was embarrassing—I quit a part-time job one week in because a full-time offer came my way. After that, an uplifting experience—after over a year of rejections, I finally got a “you’re hired,” and it was from an organization I was wildly passionate about.

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Political Nonprofit Pitfalls

Working at a nonprofit says a lot about you. It’s an inherent trade off that many of us know all too well: you get to believe, really believe, in what you’re doing—and you get to do it for less money than in the corporate world. Even if your job is mostly data entry, saying you work for an organization that feeds the hungry or helps young people achieve their scholarly dreams makes you a do-gooder by default.

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Expectations versus reality: moving from a tiny to a huge nonprofit

I’m a risk-averse person, but I’ve never been bothered by jumping from a secure pond to a comparably scary ocean. I went from a small town high school with 500 students to a metropolitan college with 50,000 students. I stayed in the English speaking world while studying abroad, but the size of the city I was living in jumped from 400,000 to 8 million. And just a few months ago, I left a job at a nonprofit with 3 full-time staff to a job with…a lot of staff. Something along the order of 150 people work in my building, which is the home base of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota. Dozens more work at our health centers and offices around the region, and our three-state affiliate is part of a nationwide network with global reach, which puts us at some huge number or another.

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Five Ways Marathoning that TV Show Last Weekend Totally Helped My Nonprofit Career

Nielsen Media recently conducted a study to analyze the behavior of Netflix, Hulu (Plus and Basic), and Amazon Prime users. Here’s what they found: most of us like to binge watch, to the tune of 88 percent among Netflix users and 70 percent among Hulu Plus users.

Are you in the 88 percent? That’s fine. You’re just doing your duty to become a better you. No, listen. I am fully prepared to justify this and arm you with excuses—that is, totally legitimate arguments—to snuggle in with your buddy Benedict Cumberbatch or Jon Hamm whenever you damn well please.

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Five Websites that Will Make You (Look) Smarter

I’m a glutton for “little tricks.” There’s something really satisfying about accomplishing things more efficiently without spending money or sacrificing quality. And while I should probably pay more attention to all those unorthodox storage solutions on my mom’s Pinterest, my favorite little tricks come in the form of online tools.

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Sweet tweetins: Balancing personal and professional on social media

Remember the collective freakout that happened once the world realized that employers could see what prospective employees posted on social media? All those pictures of young professionals making poor decisions vanished, along with their capslocked tweets about how they wished their bosses would die in car fires.

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