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Sharing My Half-Baked Ideas with YNPN-TC: My Experience with 'Five Minutes in Hell'

Naaima Khan presents at \Are you planning to attend Five Minutes in Hell on October 23 at Honey? 2012 presenter, Naaima Khan, reflects on why she was thrilled to be a part of last year's event, and the rewards that came from sharing her inner musings with her nonprofit peers.

“If only nonprofit managers and staff understood how to inculcate and implement a culture of diversity and inclusion, there wouldn’t be so much conundrum and lack of action around the issue…”  There again ran my crazy, rambling thoughts as I walked from the conference venue back to my car. If only there was a call to action that would jolt nonprofits out of setting up fancy conferences to talk about diversity into action on embracing it, wouldn’t it be so nice? Such inner-promptings gave rise to many inner-monologues, which, again, gave rise to more inner-musings.

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The Young and the Experienced

Sara DzuikOh, to be young.  If any YNPs are anything like me, the nonprofit job search is daunting.  I find myself jumping to the “Requirements” section of every job posting to find the dreaded “years of experience required” before getting too excited about a potential position.  If a job requires three years…. I’m golden, five years…. I’ll give it a go, six-plus years.... Forget about it!

This is consistently how I would end up evaluating myself, by “years of experience.”  Every employer wants experience, and so does every young job hunter!  It’s a vicious cycle that has baffled me for the past 3 years – and the only thing I’m trying to do is find a job that will launch me into the nonprofit sector and give me the chance to change lives.  Slowly I’ve begun to realize how much I am limiting myself by focusing on what I don’t have on my resume, as opposed to what I do.  It wasn’t until the Breakfast of Champions lead by Sara Dziuk, Executive Director at College Possible Twin Cities, that I fully realized my job search method was severely flawed.

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The Three Rules of...Breaking the Rules?

On July 24, Steve Boehlke shared with us advice gained from over two decades working in leadership development with organizations large and small, including Cargill, Merch and Nestle, among others.

His advice to young nonprofit professionals? If you want to create change, ask yourself, "How can I break the rules?" Because it's in those unwritten taboos at organizations that opportunities for growth can be found.

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Contemplating leadership: Breakfast of Champions with Timothy Clark

The following blog is by Wesley Durham.

who.jpg“Who am I” as a question often feels clichéd, relegated to the leads of sleepy winter movies, to shopping mall philosophers, to those with too much time and too little to do. “Who am I?” I’m an AmeriCorps Member. I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m a musician. I’m a hard worker and a loyal friend. What more do you need to know? Life’s too busy for idle identity contemplation. Don’t talk about who you are, be who you are. Or as I tell clients at my site as we’re working on their resumes, “Show, don’t tell.”

And yet, onsite at Urban Ventures on a Friday morning, CEO Timothy Clark reminded us all that maybe there is some room for contemplation. In fact, maybe it’s very, very important. At this YNPN Breakfast of Champions event, Clark spent a large portion of the time taking us from college graduation to taking the wheel at Urban Ventures. He did this not to trace back his ascension to “leadership” in rote fashion, but because taking this tour opened up many valuable questions, questions that can contribute to our own growth if we think hard enough on our own answers. He posed questions like “What do you stand for?” and “Do people know what you are?” Clark had many answers to such questions. Clark defines himself through authenticity. He calls himself a “quiet leader.” He is a “sheep dressed in a wolf’s clothing.” I find that last one amusingly colorful, but also illustrative in its specificity. Clark asserted that you can’t lead others unless you know yourself, and he leaves little doubt that he does.

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Member Meet-Ups: The Power is Yours!

by Amanda Bingham
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Do you wish there were more YNPN-TC events focused on the topics you care most about for your professional development? Looking to connect with other nonprofit professionals in a different setting? Now you will have a chance to make those ideas happen.

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How to plan an event without losing your sanity

Event planning. Two words that strike terror into the hearts of many nonprofit professionals. All nonprofits have events that require hours of thorough planning and relentless attention to detail. And the pressure! One thing goes wrong and everyone starts talking. If you go to an event where everything looked easy… you know planning it wasn’t easy. 

Despite my aversion to event planning, I’ve done a lot of it through work and as a volunteer with YNPN’s Programming Committee. After lots of hyperventilating, I can share my tips to help minimize your event-planning pressure.

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The Scoop: May's News From Our Members

YNPN-TC members have a lot to share - business start-ups, new jobs and conference planning. Check out The Scoop for May!

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"What Did I Miss?" Video Clips from Recent YNPN Events

To kick off 2013, YNPN Twin Cities offered event programming that challenged members to Connect Through Purpose. February’s event, The First Seven Seconds, provided strategies for improving your non-verbal communication cues to make memorable first impressions. March’s event, How to Move a Mountain, featured a panel of 3 amazing change makers who shared their tips for inspiring others to make a difference. Whether you were in hibernation or just couldn’t make it to the events, we have video highlights from the February and March events to get you up to speed.

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Recess is Back on April 30th!

main.jpgJoin YNPN Twin Cities for Networking Recess: An Artful Departure from Business as Usual on April 30th, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other nonprofit professionals in a fun and interactive program featuring elements of Give & Take. This facilitated event will open up discussion with two questions: What do you know? What do you want to know? You'll have the opportunity to share your passions and learn what motivates your fellow participants.

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Prepare to Be RADICALLY Welcomed!

What would you say if I told you that close to half of  the people who come to YNPN-TC events feel either “not-at-all” or only “kind of” welcome? “Whoa, no way?” or “Yeah, that sounds about right.” A full 43 percent of respondents to our 2012 membership survey reported feeling less-than welcome at our programs last year, which for me, as the new membership chair at YNPN-TC, is a shocking statistic that is top on my list to address this year.

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