Annual YNPN-TC Ugly Sweater Happy Hour
Tuesday, Dec. 9th
5:30-8:30 pm
The Bulldog NE, Minneapolis


Celebrate Your Story
Friday, Dec. 19th
12-1 pm
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, St. Paul



* Notes from Creating Leader-full Spaces presentation at 2012 Nonprofit Leadership Conference.

* Facilitation resources on topics such as Open Space Technology and World Cafe, and groups such as the Public Conversations Project and the international Art of Hosting network.






We provide and promote opportunities for the development of young nonprofit professionals.

We envision a world where young nonprofit professionals:

• connect through purpose
• challenge to change
• lead together

Our values:

● We strive for respect and inclusiveness
● We seek opportunities to collaborate
● We respond to the evolving needs of our community

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The Twin Cities chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network is a community of nonprofit staff, volunteers, supporters, and allies: current and future leaders who want to connect with others in the social sector.



When It’s Okay to Quit

By Amelia Colwell Reedy
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I need to quit something. It’s a something that is a net good thing for the world–it brings me extra income, it accomplishes positive things for people–but it is a something that is not good for me.

Lately, I’ve been challenged to think about the dangers of people pleasing and its negative health consequences. Fellow do-gooders, nonprofit professionals, and people pleasers of the world, I’m here to tell you: if something isn’t feeding you, it’s okay to quit. That thing–that volunteer gig, that second job, that thing that helps you 10 percent but runs you ragged–can survive without you. I am replaceable, and you are replaceable. That’s a really freeing thing if you’ll let it be. 

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The True Meaning of Give to the Max Day

The True Meaning of Give to the Max

By Andy Brown
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Give to the Max Day is an annual charitable giving event hosted by GiveMN. The event draws attention to the thousands of nonprofit organizations and schools serving communities throughout the state and encourages philanthropic giving. Last year, Give to the Max Day raised over $17 million for Minnesota organizations in 24 hours.

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Top 5 Nonprofit Buzzwords of 2014

By Leah Lundquist
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I know it’s only early November, but-let’s face it–stores are already decked out for Christmas, so it doesn’t seem too early to do a 2014 retrospective. As a board, YNPN Twin Cities has committed in our new strategic plan to being and supporting other members in being thought leaders in sector-wide conversations.

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It’s Time to Vote!

By Kat Kempe
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Fall is my favorite season. I love sweater weather, chai tea, and golden leaves against a brilliant blue sky. But my very favorite fall tradition is still yet to come: Election Day, November 4. As people who care for our communities and the common good, voting is one of the most important things we can do—it is the ground floor of democracy. 

Who we put in office has significant implications for our communities and the people our organizations serve. Elected officials have a say in the policies and funding of everything from housing to food assistance to transportation to education. If we truly want to make systemic change to these and the any number of issues nonprofits across Minnesota care about we have to take the first step and go to the polls.

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By Taylor Putz
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There are approximately 80 million millennials and they’re rapidly taking over from the baby boomers. Millennials are often called entitled or lazy because some still live with their parents and cannot stop taking selfies. They have experienced the impact of the economic recession, including piles of student debt, while receiving pressure to do better than their parents. Despite this millennials have drive and optimism.

As engaged citizens, millennials are finding their own voices. Organizations like Generation Progress work for and with young people to find progressive solutions to key political and social challenges throughout the country like immigration reform and student debt. Additionally, young people are running for office and winning. Minnesota State Representative Joe Radinovich was the youngest member of the 2013-2014 legislature at the age of 26 and Manitowoc, Wisconsin’s mayor, Justin Nickels, was the youngest elected mayor in the country at the age of 22. 

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